Student Co-op Homes

Student Co-op Homes is a multistakeholder co-operative (independent of Students for Cooperation) that brings together student housing co-operatives and supporter-investors to raise finance to purchase property to lease to student housing co-operatives. The lease income is then used to finance the purchase of further properties.

In 2019/2020 SCH raised £320,000 through a community share offer, to be used the capital alongside traditional financing to purchase properties in Nottingham and Glasgow.

Investor members of SCH include a mix of fellow co-operatives (inc. retail societies, housing co-ops and worker co-ops), former members of student housing co-operatives, and supportive individuals from across the movement.

The project began in 2014 with a vision for a secondary co-operative (a co-op whose members are other co-ops) that would raise finance to purchase property to lease to its member co-operatives. Inspired by NASCO in North America and the ‘cluster’ model developed in the UK by Radical Routes.

The project was developed by Students for Cooperation, member housing co-operatives, with support from fellow co-operatives including 

‘NBSHC’, the National Body of Student Housing Co-operatives, and was registered in 2018 as Student Co-op Homes. SCH is governed by regular general meetings and an elected board comprising directors elected by student housing co-operatives and investor members.

Logo of Student Co-op Homes (SCH)
Student Co-op Homes group photo in Edinburgh in 2018.