The Corner - Aberdeen University Food Co-operative

The Corner Food Co-operative (Aberdeen)

The Corner Food Co-operative is a store in the Butchart Centre, home of Aberdeen University Students’ Association. The co-op is open between 11am– 3pm Monday to Friday during term time.

The Corner sells organic and Fairtrade food products to the University community at wholesale prices. Besides the weigh-your-own rice, beans, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, The Corner also sell hand-made jewellery, household products, confectionery, snacks, teas and much of what you would need for food preparation.

She added: “As someone who loves learning about food cultures around the world, I am immensely excited to see our students spearhead such an initiative.  As a consumer, I’m thrilled that a food coop will be right around the corner from my office.  I hope that it becomes an integral part of community life on campus.”

Updates on produce and opening times can be found via their Facebook page and their Twitter. The co-op can also be contacted via email.