Sussex Roots Allotment

Sussex Roots is a student-run allotment at Sussex University.

Sussex Roots was created to help give us the chance to explore systems of human activity that are conscious of the natural world we live in, and importantly the parameters it works within. From food production to environmental economics, we aim to engage students and staff alike in sharing and discussing matters related to long term human survival.

The garden, which was transformed from the old university allotments, caters for practical education, which most students cannot access in the lecture theatre. We also learn from each other, experience and our environment.

Through Roots, we aim to learn how to provide for our basic needs such as growing our own food, local herblore, crafts, and communication. We will do this by following organic principles, incorporating permaculture as much as possible with its 3 main tenets of care for the earth, care for people and fairly sharing the results.

Sussex Roots can be contacted by email or via their Facebook group.