The Network

The student co-operative movement in the UK is still relatively young and is primarily a mix of food co-operatives and housing co-operatives.

There are currently at least 16 food co-operatives and four housing co-operatives (Birmingham, Edinburgh, SEASALT (Brighton) and Sheffield) with properties across the UK.

This is in addition to active housing co-operatives across the UK, such as in Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, and Nottingham, who are working hard to secure property. There is also now Student Co-op Homes, a secondary co-operative bringing together housing co-operatives and investors to purchase properties to lease to housing co-operatives.

The movement brings together hundreds of students – housing 127 students and feeding hundreds more! The movement has inspired a new generation of co-operators, with alumni of student co-operatives playing a key role in founding many exciting projects and co-operatives – such as the New Leaf workers co-operative (Edinburgh), Mutual artists co-operative (Edinburgh), and Stirchley Co-operative Development (Birmingham). Many more are now active in worker co-operatives, housing co-operatives, secondary co-operatives, and co-operative retail societies.

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