Join us!

Becoming a member of Students for Cooperation means you can become an active part of Students for Cooperation, take part in our decision-making structures and have a meaningful say in the work that we do. We have two classes of membership, ordinary membership and affiliate membership which are outlined below.

We are currently only admitting co-operatives, groups, societies, and organisations as members rather than individuals – though you are still encouraged to get in touch and get involved!

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary membership is open to any co-operative where:

  • More than 50% of the co-op’s members are students, and
  • Is actively trading, for example if your food co-op is buying and selling food or your housing co-operative is renting to its members, and
  • Supports Students for Cooperation’s values, aims and principles

Your club or society may meet the definition of being a co-operative so do get in touch.

Ordinary membership makes the co-operative a shareholder of Students for Co-operation Limited, with full voting rights. You do not need to be incorporated. There is a membership fee for housing co-operatives calculated on their number of members, otherwise, it costs £1 to buy your share!

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is open to:

  • Student groups,
  • Student societies,
  • Students’ unions,
  • Co-operatives of any type, and
  • Supportive organisations

So long as they support Students for Cooperation’s values, aims and principles.

Student co-operatives and groups that are getting set up and not yet trading are welcomed as affiliate members.

Affiliate members are able to take an active part in SfC’s decision-making processes but ordinary members retain full voting rights.

Affiliate membership is free for student groups, student co-operatives in the process of getting started, and volunteer-run organisations. There is a small membership fee for larger organisations, such as students’ unions.


There are no lengthy forms to fill out or anything like that, just drop us an email at with your name, some information about yourselves, and the best ways to stay in touch. We’ll then let you know if we have any further questions before processing your application!