January 2015 Delegates Meeting

Saturday 24 January 2015, Leeds

Our next Delegates Meeting and national meet-up will take place on Saturday 24th of January in Leeds, hosted by the Leeds Green Action Food Co-operative. The day will include the Delegates Meeting, workshops and training, working group organising, group discussions and socials.

Please make sure you complete the registration form!

The Delegates Meeting is the sovereign decision making body of Students for Cooperation. They are meetings of two delegates from each member student co-operative.

All are welcome to attend, irrespective of whether you are already involved in a student co-operative. However only delegates sent on behalf of member co-operatives can vote in the Delegates Meeting.


As is customary, free accommodation will be provided and a travel subsidy/pool is available to those who need it. Students for Cooperation’s budget is tight, so we ask that where possible member co-ops fund the transport of their members. It may also be worth approaching your students’ union to ask for funding.

Further details to be added when available.

Provisional Programme

Friday 23rd January
  • 2000 – Late – Dinner and social for early arrivals
Saturday 24th January
  • 1100 – 1120 — Welcome and introduction
  • 1120 – 1140 — Speed meet and greet
  • 1140 – 1300 — Facilitation workshop (inc. break)
  • 1310 – 1340 — Group discussions
  • 1350 – 1435 — Working groups
  • 1435 – 1500 — Liberation caucuses
  • 1500 – 1600 — Lunch
  • 1600 – 1630 — Discussion
  • 1630 – 1830 — Meeting
  • 1845 – 1915 — Free space
  • 1915 – 2000 — Working groups
  • 2000 – Late — Evening social and dinner

Delegates Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Introduction
  1. Introductions
  2. Outline of hand signals and process
  3. Group agreement
  1. Updates from Member Co-ops
  2. Updates from Network Coordinators
  3. Financial update
  1. Democracy Regulations amendment (section 18, membership)
  2. Accepting new member co-ops
  3. Safer Spaces policy
  4. Solidarity Fund
Any Other Business


The main venue is to be confirmed, but should be the Leeds University Union.


We ask that each member co-operative send two delegates to represent the views of their membership. At least one of these delegates must define as a woman/non-gender binary. We recommend that delegates are elected via a blind ballot of your members using single transferable vote. Delegates can be mandated by their co-operative to vote certain ways, in accordance to your co-operative’s policies and views.

Do feel free to send as many of your members as you wish, above and beyond your two formal delegates!

If for whatever reason your co-operative is not able to send delegates to Leeds, then you have the option to partake in the delegates meeting electronically (for example via Skype).

Becoming a member co-operative

Any co-operative with a majority of members being students can become a member of Students for Cooperation. Membership is free and allows your co-operative and members to have a direct input into the work of Students for Cooperation and to benefit from the active support of Students for Cooperation.