Cork Student Housing Co-operative

Cork Student Housing Co-operative is a group established in 2021 who are working to set up a student housing co-op in Cork City. The co-op has strong ties with the Centre for Co-operative Studies at University College Cork and works closely with the University College Cork Co-operative Society. CSHC is the first Irish co-op to be a member of Students for Cooperation.

We aim to provide affordable, ethical, democratically run and not-for-profit accommodation for all students struggling with living in mainstream student accommodation or rented accommodation in Cork City. We aim to introduce students to the Cooperative housing model whilst giving them a true hands-on experience of living cooperatively.

You can find out more about CSHC via their Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter or via email at [email protected]. For more about the UCC Co-operative Society see their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or email [email protected].