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Good communication

Improving our communication In this section, we’ll explore what we can do to minimise conflict with others and deal with it effectively before it escalates. We will be looking at tools and skills to improve communication that will help to de-escalate a conflict. Conflict in the early stages can be de-escalated by rebuilding connection and …

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Students for Cooperation 2013 founding meeting in Leeds

Could your group or society become a co-operative?

To become a co-operative, a group should fulfil the definition of a co-operative and follow the co-operative values and principles. This article will run through these, allowing you to assess whether or not your group could or should become a co-operative! Student societies and groups often already follow a number of co-operative principles and values. …

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Responding to Conflict

There’s a difference between reacting and responding. A reaction is impulsive and instantaneous; a response is a considered, conscious choice of action. Fight, Flight or Freeze The most primitive part of our brain – the amygdala – controls our initial reaction to a threat. Whether we opt for flight, to fight, or to freeze, is …

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Understanding conflict

Understanding what’s really important to both you and the other party in a conflict is a great starting point to understand what the conflict is really about, and can help you think about potential solutions.

What is conflict and why deal with it?

Conflict happens when two or more people have seemingly incompatible opinions, values or needs. It happens in every kind and size of group.

Introduction to working with conflict

This guide is aimed at people and groups working for social change who want to develop an understanding of conflict and how to deal with it.