Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative

Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative (BSHC) opened its doors in July 2014. Since then BSHC has offered an alternative for students in Birmingham who are interested in a co-operative and democratic form of living which differs from the typical student experience of renting in the overpriced and undemocratic private sector.

Co-operative Living, Landlord Free!

Living at BSHC is a chance to experience housing without a landlord! The house is organised democratically with each member having an equal say on how the house operates, we have fortnightly meetings where we discuss the running of the house, resolve any issues and plan for the future!

Living co-operatively offers the chance to learn new skills and build deep friendships which enrich the student experience!

About the House

BSHC has 9 bedrooms on two floors. The downstairs area features 4 bedrooms, a large living room, a fully equipped kitchen with dining area, and a bathroom. The upstairs area features 5 bedrooms and a bathroom. Both bathrooms feature a bath, shower, toilet, and sink. At the back of the house we have a massive garden with a greenhouse, workshop, vegetable patch, and composting facilities.

More info is available on BSHC’s website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Instagram. They can be emailed via [email protected].

Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative
805 Pershore Road
B29 7LR

Photo of Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative members
Photo of Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative