Autumn Conference General Meeting Agenda

Founding Conference GM
As a democratic federation of student co-operatives, Students for Cooperation is governed and managed by General Meetings made up of elected delegates from member co-operatives. We are still in the process of formalising our democratic structures, and there are a number of resolutions tabled with this purpose.

Call for Student Co-ops to Formally Join Students for Cooperation

To be able to benefit fully from Students for Cooperation’s support, events and resources, and to formally partake in Students for Cooperation’s democratic processes it is necessary for your co-op to join Students for Cooperation. Membership is free! Please email to join, or if you have any queries about membership.

Call for Member Co-op Reports

General Meetings will include reports from Member Co-ops, these will briefly outline any notable developments in their co-operative since the last General Meeting. You might want to include things like changes in membership participation, problems you have been facing, new grant funding, changes to the business, or successful events. These reports will help student co-ops keep up to date with one another, learn from one another, and help us to decide Students for Cooperation’s upcoming priorities.

Ideally we would like to receive and circulate these brief written reports ahead of the conference, especially if none of your members are able to attend. Please send reports or queries to

Call for Resolutions

Is there something you would like Students for Cooperation to be doing? General Meetings are the formal means by which Member Co-ops decide how Students for Cooperation should operate, policies it should adopt, or views it should hold. Whilst it will be possible to bring proposals on the day, any detailed proposals are best done by submitting a resolution ahead of the meeting. This also gives people time to consider your resolution and propose amendments. If you’d like to bring a resolution or have any queries about this process please email

Draft General Meeting Agenda

Below is the draft agenda for the general meeting at the Autumn Conference in the Edinburgh University Chaplaincy, Bristo Square at 11:30am on Sunday 2nd November 2014.

1130-1300: General Meeting
1300-1330: Lunch
1330-1445: General Meeting continued

Welcome and Introduction

  1. Ice breaker
  2. Group agreement
  3. Outline of hand signals and process

Membership Resolutions

  1. Vote on accepting new member co-ops


  1. Updates from Member Co-ops [Paper A]
  2. Updates from Network Coordinators [Paper B]

Pre-submitted Resolutions

  1. Values Aims and Principles [Paper C]
  2. Safer Spaces [Paper D]
  3. Democracy Regulations Proposal [Paper E]

Conference Resolutions

  • Any resolutions proposed within the conference or on conference floor.

Any Other Business


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