Democratic Structures and Policies


As a secondary co-operative, Students for Co-operation Limited is owned and democratically controlled by its member student co-operatives.

We have two classes of membership, ordinary members and associate members. Ordinary members consist of student co-operative who are actively trading. Associate members include groups setting up co-ops, non-student co-ops, and supportive organisations. Both classes of membership can take an active part of our decision making structures, but ordinary members have the final say in key matters such as budgets, end of year accounts, elections, and admitting members.

Key decisions are made by Students for Cooperation’s sovereign body – Delegates’ Meetings – which are general meetings of delegates representing ordinary member co-operatives. Aside from sensitive matters these meetings are also open to associate members. We tend to have a large delegates’ meeting during national gatherings that lay out the strategy and votes on policies, and online delegates meetings for making smaller decisions. Some powers are delegated to ad hoc working groups and individuals.

Rules and Policies


Attached below are our current formal rules and policies, as approved by Delegates’ Meetings: