About Us


Students for Cooperation exists to bring student co-operatives and student co-operators together to help develop and support the student co-operative movement in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Founded in 2014, we are democratically owned and controlled by our member co-operatives and work to create new groups by organising conferences providing training, workshops and support. We are part of a dedicated network of co-operatives across the UK providing students with affordable, democratically controlled and member-owned services. Our members are primarily student-run food co-operatives and housing co-operatives.

We work closely alongside Student Co-op Homes, which was originally developed as a project by SfC, our member student housing co-operatives, and key supportive partners across the British co-operative movement. SCH is a multi-stakeholder co-operative bringing together student housing co-operatives and supporter/investor members to raise finance to purchase properties across the UK to lease to student housing co-operatives.


students.coop exists as an online hub of helpful resources for new and existing student co-operatives, and to provide profiles and the contact details of student co-operatives. Smaller co-operatives, especially those without premises, come and go from year-to-year and co-operators are often rather busy providing services for their members so our website is always somewhat out of date! For posterity, we do not delete the pages of defunct co-operatives but instead, add a note at the top of the page.

If you spot something out of date or want to add information about your co-operative then do get in touch.

The Formalities

Students for Co-operation Limited is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, Reg № 32414R. Our registered address is 28 Wright’s Houses, Edinburgh, EH10 4HR, though we prefer to be contacted via [email protected]

We are a confederation of student-run co-operatives (a secondary co-operative), owned and run by our members. For information on membership see the join us page.