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Student co-operative spring gathering in Edinburgh

The first national student co-operative gathering in three years will be taking place in Edinburgh from the 1st-3rd April.

Join us in Edinburgh for a weekend of training, workshops, brainstorming and a general meeting. Aimed at student co-operators and those interested in the co-operative movement. All are welcome. 

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Preliminary schedule as follows: 

Friday 1st

Financial Literacy for Co-operatives

“The workshop is designed to empower members of co-ops to understand and take an active role in their co-op’s finances. Financial literacy is crucial to the success of any co-op, and the more people that understand the finances the better!

The workshop will cover bookkeeping, different types of accounts, budgets and cashflow forecasting, accounting terms and concepts, incorporation, preparing and filing end of year accounts, loans, and corporation tax.The workshop uses real examples from student co-ops and training literature you can keep. It even includes a couple of games!The workshop will also be beneficial to anyone interested in starting a co-op after their studies or wanting to get involved in a co-op or non-profit organisation. “

Eat The Rich

The Edinburgh Student Housing Cooperative presents our debut play: Eat the Rich! A satirical comedy about class, hippies, vegans, and vampires.

Tickets available here:

Saturday 2nd

Autonomous Design Group Co-op Propaganda Image Making Workshop

“Art is more than just good aesthetics. To create art that effectively translates our collective struggle means retaking ownership of art, a new understanding of influence, and a change in artistic process. In this hands-on workshop we’ll show our different processes and how we utilise a living history to create art for collective liberation. You’ll learn how to search through archives for inspiration, find pieces that share similar styles, and make your own work. Paper, sketching, and collage materials will be provided but do feel free to bring anything else you need, for instance, a laptop. We hope to have some co-operative propaganda from this workshop that can be used to showcase the amazing things co-ops do!”

Gender Hierarchies within Co-operative Spaces

Photo taken by member to reflect how they experience gender within ESHC

“This photography exhibition will showcase pictures taken by members of Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative to reflect the way they experience their gender within this structurally non-hierarchical co-operative. Each photograph will be accompanied by a short quote that explains what the photograph represents. The exhibition will be introduced by Molly Newhouse, a member of ESHC, who has put together this project as part of her masters.

Following each person having time to explore the pictures and their corresponding quotes, Molly will lead an informal discussion where everyone is encouraged to think about the role that gender plays within their experiences of co-operation, and what strategies can be used by co-operatives to break down gendered hierarchies. Open to people of all genders, and no previous knowledge on anything is required!”

Digital Security for Activism

“Let’s explore a few important reasons as to why activists should seriously consider their digital footprint, or as Edward Snowden calls it – our Permanent Record (also the name of his book). After exploring some reasoning, we will go through a few key practical steps towards protecting yourself and your groups from prying eyes. After that, some optional group discussion!”

Fibre Crafts

Massage Workshop

“An evening workshop of shoulder massage. This workshop will be done by Clara O’C – a current ESHC member who has been informally massaging for 8 years. The workshop will be heavily interactive and you will get a chance to both give massage and receive it. All practice will be clothed and upright. It will go over some basic techniques, what to do if you make a mistake and a possible starting routine you can try. It is open to anyone but due to the nature of it, please sign-up before –
Please note that Clara is uninsured and unlicensed and is doing this for fun and to share knowledge. This workshop will be carried out with a partner. You can sign-up with a partner or one can be arranged at the time 🙂 “

Sunday 3rd

Students for Co-operation Brainstorming Session

An opportunity to discuss what we want Students For Co-operation to do, form working groups, and plan for our future. No previous knowledge of Students For Co-operation needed, just enthusiasm!

Studentification Walk

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Food will be provided as well as accommodation and travel reimbursement for those who require it.  Lateral Flow Tests will be required on each day of the gathering, as well as mandatory mask wearing when in indoor spaces. For the covid policy click here.

Check back here as we will update with more workshops soon.