Atlas rocket leaves Cape Canaveral with Gordon Cooper onboard relaunches

The old website was horrifically out of date and was developing some unhealthy glitches so we decided to start anew. The former front page was very dependent on news articles and blog posts, which we don’t produce enough of! So on the new front page, we are going to go first and foremost with SfC’s aims and principles.

We’ve retained all the old blog posts and articles, but have removed some of the pages. As we take stock post-Covid we will be contacting co-ops to see if they’re still active, and to create pages on this site profiling their co-op with links to their social media etc.

We’ve also got some great new resources to share shortly, which is exciting! Watch this space.

Image: Atlas rocket leaves Cape Canaveral as part of the Mercury-Atlas 9 mission. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.