Deck chairs on Brighton beach

Brighton Summer Conference 2016

20-22nd June 2016, Sussex University Students Union, Brighton

Come along to our summer conference happening in sunny Brighton hosted by Re:Cycle Bike Hire Co-op at the University of Sussex Students’ Union. The weekend will include a General Meeting of member co-operatives, workshops and training, working group organising, group discussions and socials.
Sessions on sustainability, the co-operatives in the Rojavan Revolution, food cooked by the Real Junk Food Project and much much more!

Please ensure you fill out the registration form if you plan on attending!

The General Meeting is the sovereign decision making body of Students for Cooperation. Motions are discussed by delegates that are a part of co-operatives affiliated with SfC which determine the finances, business and future of the network.

Anyone can attend the conference, irrespective of whether you are a delegate, involved in a student co-operative or just interested in learning more.

You can contribute to the organising of the event on the SfC Loomio.  Facebook event for the conference is here:

Transport and Accomodation

As is customary, free accommodation will be provided (Please register here! ) and a travel subsidy/pool is available to those who need it. Students for Cooperation’s budget is tight, so we ask that where possible member co-ops fund the transport of their members. It may also be worth approaching your students’ union to ask for funding.

Becoming a member co-operative

Any co-operative with a majority of members being students can become a member of Students for Cooperation. Membership is free and allows your co-operative and members to have a direct input into the work of Students for Cooperation and to benefit from the active support of Students for Cooperation.

Agenda: SfC-2016-Agenda

SfC Summer Conference 2016 Agenda

Monday, 20 June

12-12.30 CONFERENCE OPENS: Welcome Section
12.30 -1.30 Internal Communications Workshop – A facilitated discussion on how to communicate effectively within co-ops and an overview of helpful online tools.
1.45-3.15 Finance Workshop – A facilitated discussion on managing finances; an open space for related discussions.
3.15-4.15 Tea Break
4.15-5.45 Environmentally Sustainable Co-ops – A facilitated group discussion to encourage more environmentally sustainable co-ops and outline key methodology.
6-7.30 Co-operation in Rojava: A Women’s Revolution (by Jo Magpie)
7.30- late Dinner: Supplied by the Real Junk Food Project + Social

Tuesday, 21 June

9.30-10Welcome session
10-11.30 Introductory Session about Co-ops AND Organising space for SfC admin and finances
11.45-1.15 National Body of Student Housing Co-ops (NBSHC): The Grand Plan
1.15-2.15 Lunch
2.15-3.45 Education For and Through Democracy (by Derry Hannam)
4-4.30 Disabled persons’ caucus
4.30-6 Co-ops in Brighton: Past, Present and Future – A brief introduction to the past and present of co-ops in Brighton, exploring ways to continue growing and co-operating in the future (by Mutual Aid In Sussex)
6-6.30 LGBTQ Caucus
6.30 – 7.30 Open Space
7.30-late- Dinner and Film Screening at the Globe/beach

Wednesday, 22 June

10-10.30 Black Students Caucus
10.30-11 Women’s Caucus
11-1 SfC General Meeting
1-2 Lunch
2-3 General Meeting continued
3-4 Open Space

BONUS! If you are still in Brighton on Wednesday evening and want to explore something interesting, you could join MAIS’s meeting and learn more about their land co-op, at 6:30pm in Coachwerks, 19A Hollingdean Terrace, Brighton.