CETS Commits Further Support to Students for Cooperation

Co-operative Education Trust Scotland (CETS) has committed further funding to Students for Cooperation (SfC), becoming the primary sponsor of SfC’s recent Autumn Conference by covering the venue costs and a significant proportion of the conference travel costs.

CETS exists to ’embed co-operative values and principles and the co-operative model of enterprise at the heart of Scottish education’.

Hugh Donnelly, Director of CETS said “We are delighted to support Students for Cooperation. SfC has shown, that despite the lack of formal teaching on co-ops throughout our education system, young people are intuitively attracted to democratic alternatives where they can take responsibility for their own destiny.  Co-ops are about self-help and self-responsibility and the various student co-ops coming out of the SfC networks give us great hope for the future”

CETS worked closely with SfC and Co-operative News to develop ‘A student’s guide to starting a co-operative‘.

Mike Shaw, Students for Cooperation Network Coordinator added “CETS has been a key supporter and champion of Students for Cooperation within the broader co-operative movement. SfC operates on a very limited budget, so the funding previously committed by CETS, including wages for SfC’s Network Coordinator for Scotland, makes a significant difference for our network.”

CETS and Students for Cooperation have also worked closely on CETS’ ongoing work to introduce the co-operative model into higher education teaching.

More information on the work of CETS can be found on their website.