Student co-ops in the news (Summer 2014)

Summer is a pretty quiet time for the student movement, despite this student co-operatives have still been in the headlines recently. If your co-op has been in the news, or you’d like help getting press coverage then do get in touch.

Co-operatives, engagement and the question of youth

Co-operative News – 4 August 2014

How do we engage young people? How do we increase youth participation? What support can we give to young co-operators?

Lack of housing options could result in more opportunities for housing co-operatives

Co-operative News – 3 August 2014

Faced with increased rent prices that did not reflect the poor quality of the houses, a group of students from Birmingham University decided to turn to the co-operative model for solutions.

Alternative generation: disenfranchised youth look to co-ops for work

The Guardian – 31 July 2014

A new crop of co-ops run by young people present a non-conventional route to viable employment, as youth still suffer the effects of the economic downturn.

Birmingham Students Housing Co-op on a solution to exploitative landlords

The Guardian– 25 July 2014

An interview with Helena Dunnett-Orridge, founding member of Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative on bringing student co-ops to the UK.

In your 20s? Look away now: the two graphs that say it all

Channel 4 News – 15 July 2014

We knew young people were finding it hard to get a job, buy a house, and even move out of home. Now we know just how bad it has become, as a new IFS report highlights the gap between young and old.

Co-operative movement votes to support Students for Co-operation

Slaney Street – 10 July 2014

An account of the launch of Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative and Co-operative Congress – the national conference of the UK’s co-operative movement.

The Phone Co-op supports first student housing co-op in the UK

The Phone Coop – 27 June 2014

Due to the high price of housing and exploitative landlords who tend to prey on the transitory nature of student life with poor quality housing, it is especially important to create cheaper, more efficient ways of housing the student population.