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Applications open for the Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative

Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative are nearing the point where we are signing the lease on a property which The Phone Co-op have purchased for us. We are now able to actively start recruiting members to live in the co-op next year and invite your application!

For more photos of 805 Pershore Road click here.

Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list. If people drop out, we will let you know as soon as possible when places are available. Applications will close at 5pm on Thursday 5th of June.

Successful applicants will become members of the Housing Co-op! Becoming a member will cost you £1 to purchase a limited liability share, giving you an equal say in how the co-operative is run. New members will be asked to pay part of the first months rent (around £100) in to confirm your application after it has been accepted and also to sign a lease agreement. To become a tenant you must become a member. You must be a matriculated student of a further or higher education institution to be a member.

Who can apply

Our rules state that members of the co-operative should be students or within one year of graduation. We will be prioritizing students in the application process as this is the first year of the co-operative and we are keen to accept people who will be around for a while, however if you are a recent graduate and are really keen to live in the house please don’t be put off from applying – we are keen to receive your application.


Rent is currently set at £59 a week, not including bills. This price gives us a little extra money to work with on the co-operative building, and we will be looking for members of the co-operative to be involved in helping refurbish the property over the summer.

How to Apply

Just download one of the forms below and email the completed version to [email protected] with ‘Complete Application’ in the subject line.

To make the application process more accessible it is available in other formats, including video entries and phone or face-to-face interviews. Please let us know via email or phone if these options would be preferable to you or if you have your own suggestions.

Move in date

Some bedrooms will probably be free in July, while others will not be free till later in the summer. Please indicate when you would be looking to move in, feel free to put a range of dates if you are flexible. Once we have the group together we will be able to discuss the length of tenancy together.  In July and August a little more work may need doing to make the communal spaces and 2 additional bedrooms function well. If you  move in early this may mean committing a some extra time over summer to painting, decorating and finding sofas and furniture for the communal spaces!

Decision Making Process

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of people including a representative from a local housing co-operative, our management company BCHS and some of the people involved in setting up the co-operative. Applications will be judged on the basis of the information provided to us in the application forms, so make sure you include anything you think is relevant. If you have more queries about the process please email [email protected]

Equality & Diversity

If you think there may be any barriers to you becoming a member and living in the co-operative please do let us know and we will try to help.
We aim for the co-operative to be a safe and welcoming community, with zero tolerance to discrimination – a space where minority groups and those traditional oppressed within society can feel welcome and able to participate fully.

Application Form Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative